In Advantronic we have always bear in mind our vocation to service. We are always involved with our client offering the highest guarantee of our equipment, the best training for our client and a presale and aftersale service as a reference in our sector.


The equipment fabricated and commercialized by Advantronic have been tested and approved by laboratories and organizations of worldwide reputation, which show our commitment to quality and reliability.

Our quality policy and our reliance on the R&D and manufacturing equipments allow us to offer a warranty of three years for detectors and analog field equipment, wireless and conventional, and a warranty of one year for the rest of our equipment from our wide catalog.


Training has a key role for the success of the installation and performance in any system. This becomes even more important as systems are improving technologically. Good quality training will save time, reduce further visits to the installation once it has been activated, and the customer will feel confident both with the system and in the technical solutions. We understand that training is also a good way for the installer to check the quality we offer in our products.

Please, contact Advantronic for more information about training options.

Presale and Aftersale Service

Through our technical and sales department Advantronic develops both technical assistance presale in order to propose and advise the best solution in fire detection systems for the protection of people and goods, and the aftersale assistance to solve any question related to the function or service of our equipment.

Our technical department, perhaps one of the most effective, efficient, and qualified in the market, is associated to the R&D department and makes their studies and decisions from our installations, or on-site.

Please, contact Advantronic for more information about presale and aftersale service options.